There is a fundraising program called "GoodSearch" that aids non-profits in raising money to support their cause. CAFC is a registered charity through the GoodSearch program. On our home page, you will see a banner in the right-hand column that will allow you to search the Internet for various things. Think of it like a google search that you get to through our website. Each time you do online searches through this, you will raise money for CAFC. We get 1 penny for every search through this search engine. You pay nothing BUT we make money. GREAT DEAL! You are going to look for information on the Internet anyway, right? Therefore, help CAFC by searching through our banner. There is a banner on the home page but, there is also a banner below that you can use to search. Try it out! It is easy AND free!

If you know of an item or store you are wanting to shop at online, you can check the list of participating stores in the banner below and see if it is listed and/or has any coupons available. CAFC also receives a portion of whatever you buy online- as long as you do it through the GoodSearch program. Again, simple, easy, and free to use.

The GoodSearch program also has a program called "GoodDining" that will give you a list of restaurants that will donate a portion of your dining out bill to your charity of choice. To join is simple, you simply go to the GoodDining link and sign up. You do have to enter debit/credit card information so they will actually know when you dine at participating restaurants AND you must use that card when you pay for your meal. Again, it costs nothing to sign up but CAFC will earn money whenever you eat at a participating restaurant. Once you've signed up, you will be able to see what restaurants participate in your area. 

When you sign up, if you don't follow one of the links on this page, it will ask you for the ID of the charity of your choice. CAFC (Gulfport) has the charity ID 932144. Thanks!

If you join in MAY, you will earn CAFC a $5 bonus after the first time you dine at a participating restaurant. This would be an EXCELLENT way to help raise funds.

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